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Old Photos, Superheroes Along Park Slope's 5th Ave.

While you were out getting used to wearing long sleeves again at brunch this weekend, those nimble chroniclers over at Forgotten NY were serving up another slice of sugary city nostalgia, complete with then-and-now shots and faded brick-wall signage. On the menu this time? Fifth Avenue. That other one, the one Park Slopers know and tread - or watch go by slower than a dial-up connection aboard the pokey B63 bus.

Among the more recent storefronts to baffle visitors and residents alike is the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., which harkens back to the days when things like retail shops and the New York Times were covered with lots of headline snippets, hinting at what's inside. This place, however, is a slick marketing campaign to get you to come in and spend money on capes and anti-matter and perplexing po-mo Dave Eggers-inspired books and make you contribute to the fostering-young-minds cause of 826NYC.

Those tricky writer types.

· 5 Alive: Brooklyn's Fifth Avenue [Forgotten NY]