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Funky East Village Pad Gets Spiffy New Door

If you were with us Friday afternoon, you may recall the saga of the funky East Village apartment that, upon close investigation of its floorplan, was revealed to have a bedroom with no door. On Saturday, the listing broker, Halstead's Barry Silverman, dropped us an email:

As the listing broker for that 2 bedroom "funky East Village apartment" – let me assure your readers that there is conventional door access to that second bedroom! Our web people are making the change. Several web customers assured me they would buy it on the spot provided that bedroom could be accessed from within the apartment. Accordingly, and as a full service broker, I spent the better part of last night personally opening that wall and installing a door frame and tasteful door. Come see. I’m very good at that sort of thing.And sure enough, as of this morn, the door is there. Just how full service is Mr. Silverman? He autographs his emails. Don't believe us? Check out his John Hancock, after the jump.

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