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It Happened One Weekend: Sex, Dogs & Rock 'n Roll

1) The bubble burst. Wait, no, the orgy burst. But one-bedrooms and studios are still going strong. Or are they? Yes. But kinda no. Jeez, can we get some clarification from Pam Liebman, please: "The million-dollar one-bedroom is not a fact of life." Phew. That's better. [Patrick O'G Healy/NYTimes]
2) Delicious gossip from Michael Gross's 740 Park revealed! For some reason, the bedroom set up for Saul Steinberg's 200-pound Great Dane?complete with telephone and a fake tree for "business"?is our favorite. [NYTimes]
3) With an eye on the larger townhouse-meets-high-rise trend, the Post invites you to gawk at 255 Hudson (right; warning: priceless flash intro), an 11-story condo development that will have three ground floor duplex townhouses, each with a 60-foot backyard. in true Manhattan fashion, robots will cut the grass. [NYPost]
4) Relocating Connecticut couple draws inspiration from Normandie Court. They're college coaches, so maybe they just wanted to keep the campus feel. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
5) Thirtysomething Williamsburg hipsters turn Williamsburg pollution into Williamsburg art, buy Williamsburg dream house. [Stephen P. Williams(burg)/Habitats]