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Open House New York: Partly Drenched Edition

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor broken umbrellas could keep us from checking out some of the free Open House New York sites this weekend. Two things that could stand in our way: long lines and cutoff times. Try as we might - and we tried both afternoons - we could not get in to see 79 Barrow St., that penthouse of the subway doors and the in-floor Jacuzzi. An OHNY-shirted worker bee told us that as far as she knew, the place was still on the market as of Sunday afternoon. That was just after telling us no, we couldn't get in to see it: Too late by a handful of people. Again. The property is listed at $2.75 million, down from $2.95 million when last we checked in. Reconnaissance from the inside is welcomed at

Turned away on Saturday, we opted instead for the airy and comparatively empty penthouse loft of Walker Group's V Studio on Morton Street. We got an unmediated peek at the designers' past work and workstations as well as their snacks and knickknacks while the rain lashed the West Village waterfront outside. Judging by the lack of eager visitors outside this location, it would seem empty workplace gawking just doesn’t have the same appeal as the residential variety. A glimpse of the crowd-less but nonetheless sleek V Studio after the jump.

· Listing: 79 Barrow Street, Apt. 6A [Corcoran]