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Rumblings and Bumblings: Is Nolita Over or Something?

1) Nolita: "I live on mott st between Houston and Prince. An increasing number of stores closing shop lately and other vacancies, all this just in the past month. What's up? I just moved to the street in July and am wondering if this is normal turnover or if something is up with rent levels, etc etc. you would think it'd be a pretty desirable place to have a nolita over or something?" [photo via Wikipedia.]
2) Upper East Side: "I noticed over the weekend, that all the stores/ buildings on the east side First Ave. between 71st and 72nd Street (across from The Food Emporium) are all vacant. Prime corner...what's happening there?"
3) Boerum Hill: "Walked by a former church being gutted between Hoyt and Smith on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Anyone know what the plans are?" [The makings of another giant hole in the ground or part of the same hole? -ed.]
4) Gramercy: "The NW corner lot at 23rd St and 3rd Ave is now completely cleared (except for the defiant pawn shop.) Garden of Eden is now a distant memory though Gramercy Fish Co. is expanding at 22nd and 2nd to fill the void. Does anyone know what is planned for the 23rd/3rd site? Luxury condos perhaps?" [Here's our guess (3rd item). Our do we have dueling devs? -ed.]
5) Park Slopish: "What's the construction at 4th Ave. and Carroll Street in Park Slope?"
6) East Village: "What is the status of the empty lot between 2nd and 3rd Aves that extends from the south side of 14th street to the north side of 13th street? It's prime real estate but has been empty for a couple of years."

Got the scoop on one of the above, or got a question of your own? Drop us a line. We live to let you serve us serve you.