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Second Term? Second Ave.

In typically sharp yet wide-ranging fashion, blogger Miss Representation puts on her legacy-hunting cap and sets out across the physical landscape in search of something for Mayor Mike to hang on his wall of Posterity. And she comes up - if not empty - then nearly so. Football? Across the river for 99 years. Olympics? Across the pond in a few. The Memorial Quadrant? Sanitized for your protection. Or another way: "Safe from rational thought and girded by its inevitable substitute, shopping." So what's Bloomberg to do? Start chanting the mantra of housing and transit:

And we’re not talking some namby-pamby 7 extension here. We’re talking decades of irrefutable evidence about the economic benefits (in reduced strain on resources, increased property values, job growth, you name it) of adding train lines to the city. Second Avenue is where it’s at. ... After all the “I’m just a technocrat who is trying to make the city run like a business” it’s time to ante up and acknowledge what has [been] providing enduring value - cultural and economic - and find a way to foster that, before we get crushed by entities with names like Avalon Bay. Ugh. That's right, MissR brought the Ugh. Office of the Mayor, meet a constituent.

· Bread and circuses. And pro football. [MissR]