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San Francisco Report: Blowing Bubbles Out of Bubbles

Twin powers activate...form of a technology-housing boom! The San Francisco Real Estate Blog confirms reports that SoMa (South of Market) is "roaring" thanks to an influx of startup technology companies.

I'm in this neighborhood several times a week, and the transformation from the graveyard it was two years ago to the hustle-bustle-busy place it is today is one of the more shocking aspects of the tech recovery. New faces, new biz, new eateries, it's almost as if the dot.bomb never exploded here. There's even some burgeoning geek-yup nightlife, and a throbbing Apple store. In fact, if you're in the market for some old Victorian houses that have been converted into rentals, this wouldn't be a bad area to check out.
So, if you were worried about the fragile housing bubble by the Bay, relax -- it's reinforced by a VC-fueled technology bubble, which, as we all know, is impenetrable.
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