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UWSers Want an Ann Curry Takedown

That gang war we brought up regarding the Today show's Ann Curry has been heating up, almost to the point of sizzle. Wait wait ... yep, there it is: we've got sizzle, baby! You see, Curry and her husband Brian Ross are putting in a rooftop addition to their Upper West Side townhouse, much to the chagrin of their neighbors on and around West 71st Street who say the addition is higher than legal limits allow and visible from the street?a big no-no as we all know-know. These neighbors have responded with a subtle message to Curry and Ross, which we'll share with you now:

Woo boy, this is getting good! After the jump, the view of construction from 68th Street and Freedom Place (visible or not?) and a shot of what one resident says is scaffolding that plummeted from the project into neighbors' yards.

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