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New New Museum Groundbreaking: Clap Your Hands Say Om

[Shinto priest conducts the groundbreaking ritual. Photographs by Christopher Dawson]

Cold, gray skies didn't stop yesterday's groundbreaking of the New New Museum soon to rise on the Bowery just south of Stanton Street. (You know, that zany white stacked box structure announced so long ago that we were chronicling it back in the pre-Curbed days. Rendering at right, if your memory's hazy.)

Project starchitects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of Japan-based SANAA were on hand with rich benefactors to shovel some dirt and smile for the cameras. And, crucially, Unbeige had a correspondent text-message liveblog the event. After the jump, a hyperactive photoacular tour of all the fun.

From Unbeige's liveblog:

11:10 am: Tons of chicster dufuses r converging on a parking lot.
11:11 am: There's a shinto shrine!
11:12 am: And a shinto priest!
11:13 am: Laurie anderson is going 2 perform!!
11:16 am: LA [Laurie Anderson]: "i get a thrill putting electronics in my mouth.
11:20 am: Groundbreaking sponsored by Altria.
11:22 am: Sej and nizi introduced. bow low.
11:24 am: Kate d. levin is very tall.
11:25 am: She said ferment.
11:27 am: "we r here 2day with shovels."

11:33 am: Blah x 3.

Bless this heaping pile. (Related: Shinto Priest mania!!!! as obsessed over on Unbeige.)

The cubes won't leak—money back guarantee!

Could have just donated to MoMA.

Behold the Bowery's bold future. Best news? Just a few doors down from Whole Foods, natch.

UPDATE: The krazy kids at The Gutter have a spectacular bonus photo from the groundbreaking, and are running a caption contest. Vite, vite!