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On the (Rental) Market: $1.25 Million Per Month

Didn't think there was real estate insanity insane enough to trump yesterday's $4156.25/sqft 1BR? Try this on for size: a penthouse at 215 West 95th Street is renting for $1,250,000 per month. What does one get for this princely monthly sum? Enough black leather sofas to stage your own porn film. (To be fair, we're assuming this is a typo and the apartment is actually selling for $1,250,000. Screenshot after the jump, in case the broker fixes the error. If not—welcome to Manhattan, folks.)
· Listing: 215 West 95th Street [Prudential Douglas Elliman]

UPDATE: Listing broker Maureen Smith emails, "Big Mistake!! Apt PHJKL at 215 W. 95th St. was originally listed at $12,500.00 per month furnished and just now rented last week. I must have made the error myself when I tried to update it as rented as I am the exclusive broker. My listing department 'caught it' and has corrected my mistake. Please correct in your news letter." Pesky decimal places, always screwing everything up.