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NASCAR: Not Just for the Rest of America Anymore

Another day, another post for Staten Island. An intrepid TV-viewer-slash-Curbed-reader heard a passing reference to plans for an auto speedway WITHIN the city's borders this past weekend, and wondered: "Does this mean Trailer Park tailgating and Confederate Flags flying on the Step Borough?" Well, we'll leave the stereotyping and market research up to all those ad people targeting the "NASCAR dad" demographic, but it appears the plans for a Staten Island speedway (above) continue apace, although perhaps under the yellow flag and not as speedily as most fans are used to. From International Speedway Corp.'s latest earnings release, we get this color commentary:

In Metro New York, the Company continues to meet with local civic and government organizations on Staten Island, while proceeding with the land use approval process and other aspects of its feasibility study. In addition, preliminary work is under way, including debris removal and obtaining regulatory approval for adding fill [Is that code or something? -ed.], to improve the overall quality of the site.And the Staten Island Advance reported last week on a proposal by the Speedway folks to have some of the track's taxes be siphoned off to actually improve the "stuffed-to-the-gills" - as the paper puts it - roadways the rest of us speed on. Keep your engines well tuned: This could be a bumpy ride.
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