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Masa: A Few Delectable Square Feet for Your Soul

When people in some parts of the country are looking for an uber-special fine-dining adventure, they don't usually think: Oh, let's head down to the food court at the mall and see what's cooking. But here in New York, our delegate to Forbes' latest assembly of the Most Expensive U.S. Restaurants is none other than a little joint you might've heard about down at Columbus Circle's favorite "vertical shopping experience."

If Masa's prix fixe of $350 (before intoxicants and gratuity) is too much to bear, just think of it as the rental price for a choice piece of real estate in a "hushed, minimalist temple," as Frank Bruni called it. Sure, we could pay the monthly rent on a nice apartment 100 miles from here for half the price of a final bill for two, but then we'd probably be missing the point here.
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