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Curbed PriceChopper: 225 West 10th Street (Now $1443/sqft!)

We're PriceChopping up a storm here, folks. Two days ago, when we cast light on that West Village 1BR asking $4156.25 per square foot (purchase price: $1.9 million), we suggested that Bachelorette broker Greg Todtman get out the PriceChopper. And, would you look at that, he did. A "MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION!!" has dropped the asking price from $1.9m to $700,000—a far more reasonable (though still frothy, in its own way) $1443/sqft. As a result of the PriceChop, YOU SAVE: $1.2 million. Don't say Curbed never did anything for you, eh?
· Listing: 225 West 10th Street [Douglas Elliman]
· On the Market: $4156.25 Per Square Foot [Curbed]