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Dubai: Boomtown U.A.E.

The New Yorker's Art & Architecture Issue ships out this week to the new elite global hot spot, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, to take a gander at the "architectural weirdness" that's turning the place into the most expensive oasis imaginable, with attractions like new islands dredged from the water to look like palm trees. Turn to the magazine for the full effect. Meanwhile, the LA Times joined the caravan today with its own big feature - full text available for Web denizens. You think NY listings are filled with hyperbole? Listen to developer Salem Moosa's pitch:

Who wants to live in a pyramid? Everybody wants to live in a pyramid ... It's the only address in the world. Imagine your card: 'The Grand Pyramid of Dubai'!· Castles in the Sand: Audio Slide Show [NewYorker]
· In Dubai, the Sky's No Limit [LATimes]
· The Palm Jumeirah (photo) [TEN Real Estate]