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Tow Pound Beach, and other NYC Best-Ofs

[Tow Pound Beach at West 34th Street, photograph by Ofer Wolberger/Village Voice]

The Village Voice's Best of New York Issue drops this this week; given the insane volume of best-of listings, we recommend picking up the paper in lieu of scrolling down your monitor. (Bonus: makes a great paperweight.) Worth linking here, though, are three short essays on topics dear to Curbed's heart: Manhattan streets just one block long, the Astor Place invasion of alien architecture, and, best of all, a tour of Manhattan's lesser-known beaches, like the glorious Tow Pound Beach at 34th Street on the West Side. Add a Shake Shack outpost and give Coney Island a run for its money.
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· Best of New York City 2005 [Village Voice]