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Clinton St.'s Alias: Whither the Dragon?

We just heard back from Clinton Street restaurateur Marybeth Nelson, owner of the now multicolored Alias restaurant (right), and she wants to clear up a few things about the filming of "Across the Universe," currently turning back the clock and amping up the psychedelics on a Lower East Side building near you.

as an owner of a restaurant I know I can be overly sensitive, but in a business that loves a good rumor, the demise of an establishment being a particular favorite, I wish to assure you that the building at the SE corner of Rivington & Clinton continues to house Alias restaurant. As part of the movie set our storefront is covered in dragon skin by day, which is removed from the windows and signage by 5:30 for service. Once filming is complete the bottom corner of the dragon will be peeled away to reveal our entire storefront in all its blinking slightly bedraggled red enamel glory. Filming was originally scheduled for late Sept, but was switched to Oct in order for some rock luminaries to make room in their schedules for walk-on parts (good rumor or clever ploy to gain more paint time?) We will be closed Oct 19,24,25, filming is taking place throughout the week on Riv outside ABC No Rio/Streitz's, and at the laundromat between Essex and Norfolk. It all looks much more colorful in pictures on your site than it does in real life (guess they know what they're doing). The same painters were responsible some years back for the grocery facade at 70 Clinton as part of a failed Miriah Carey flick, they're using it again. Cibao is keeping their new look- we're thinking of talking landlord into preserving the upper half of the dragon- what do you think?Dragons invading Clinton Street? Mariah Carey's "Glitter" getting a Curbed mention? What the hell is going on out there?
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