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Happy Yom Kippur! Murdochs Invite You in

First, there was the living room. Then, there was the bathtub. Then we hit the books, searching for more more MORE damn it we need more! Well, whereas once we described the undressing of Rupert Murdoch's for-sale Soho apartment as "slow" and "tantalizing," we're giddy to report that the $28 million (asking) triplex loft?a below 14th record if it sells?is now as naked as the day its momma birthed it.

Murdoch and bride, in an effort to drum up some PR for the place that has received only six visits from potential buyers and no offers, have opened up their home to the New York Times (not the Post?) and the results are, of course, glorious. As this is truly a journey of personal discovery, we don't want to spoil the story or accompanying photo essay for you. Instead, we'll just extract our favorite bit: The multi-level terrace wrapped around an old, salvaged water tower (used for storage) that sits on top of the master bedroom. You think Ted Turner rolls like that? We think not!
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