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Curbed Readers Write: The Show Will Go On

1) Regarding the newly changed plans to (probably) keep Washington Square Park more or less the way it is, a Curbed reader writes, "Excuse me if I missed something along the way here—you all have permission to send the paddy wagon for me if you think this is daylight madness—but didn't those renovation plans for the park actually promise to make it nicer? With no catches or tradeoffs? Other than the fence, was there any element of the renovation that actually had a downside for anyone who uses the park on a regular basis? Oh, well. Democracy at its finest." [Photo via WiredNY]
2) Regarding 50 Cent's alleged party pad atop The Gretch in Williamsburg, a Curbed reader writes, "the penthouses are still for sale. kara kasper at corcoran has the listings." They don't appear on her broker page, though.
3) On Herald Towers' sexy ad campaign: "This whole sex sells ad campaign smacks of desperation. And with good reason. I had a friend who was interested in buying in HT but changed his mind after visiting the apartments. In his opinion the square footage and the price did not correlate properly. (That was when they began selling the apartments; there may have been price drops.) I guess the reason why they grabbed onto the sex sells theme is because there are lovely views of porn shops and Victoria's Secret."

Finally, as weekend bonus reading, we give you the latest report in the mind-melting Astoria Fast Food Conspiracy case. As you'd expect, this one is a doozy too. Apres la jump.

4) From Astoria, a Curbed reader writes: "I also live by Ditmars and 31st Street and have been observing the recent comings and goings of that area. No one's quite pointed out the coincidence of the fact that we lost KFC and Hershey's at the exact same time the Planet Wings and Cold Stone Creamery are opening. We didn't lose Dunkin Donuts, though- not sure what Jeanette was referring to. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have completely different audiences, and both seem to be going strong.

As for the "brick oven/ panini place," which was called Thirty One, that was actually a fairly popular place that many people thought had the best pizza in the area (and we have a surprising amount of good pizza in the area). I never got the chance to try it, but people raved about it. The prices weren't bad, and I've heard that the owners of the restaurant are very nice.

Something mostly unrelated, but I'll mention it since Jeanette brought it up: we don't have a Fresco Tortillas. We have a Fresca Tortilla, which is a Fresco Tortillas ripoff. They try to fool people into thinking they're Fresco Tortillas by hanging up reviews of Fresco Tortillas on their walls. They even went so far as to highlight the restaurant name in the reviews, as if to say, "Look! That's us! See?" They also display a review of Fresco Tortilla Grill, which I'm guessing is another place trying to capitalize off the Fresco Tortillas name. I find this funny, but if you pick up a menu from an actual Fresco Tortillas, you can read on the back about how annoying they think it is that other restaurants steal their name. Case in point."