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Curbed PriceChopper: A Very Special 'In the Tribeca' Edition

Was Asking: $1,529,000
Now Asking: $1,479,000
You Save! $50K
An intrepid reader informs us that this place - boasting two sleeping lofts, a bath, and five (!) skylights - dropped 3% between open houses. Why?

I suspect it's because the 1146 sq ft is a generous estimate, and based on the mezzanine and skylights. Also, the exclusive roof space has strict limits on what can be [developed] on it. ... It's still overpriced by a couple of hundred K.And for some reason, perhaps their own quirky style, Sotheby's dubs it a "special home in the Tribeca" as if to ensure that the "triangle" (below Canal) doesn't feel left out after all these years of being pressed into service by brokers.
· Listing: A Special Home in the TriBeCa [Sotheby's]