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Washington Square Park Activists Win; Et Tu, Union Square?

For those who feared change in Washington Square Park—those plans that called for shifting of the fountain 23 feet, raising of the sunken central plaza, and adding a fence around the whole place—glad tidings! Responding to community opposition and 498 articles in The Villager, Community Board 2 has reversed the plans, promising that the park overhaul will more or less update and preserve what's there—including, from what we understand, those dudes who sell fake drugs. A fence, if created, won't be more than 30 inches tall, which should be enough to keep out the unruly infants.

Will some of that community mojo rub off on the folks that are pissed about the remake plans for the north end of Union Square? You may recall that the city's announced plans for a larger restaurant plaza, run by a private company, made some people angry. Well, they're still angry—angry enough that they've now formed a group, Citizens for Union Square, to fight the plan. Final plans are expected later this fall.
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