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Building with, Digging Dirt on Ratner

The Times finds out how their favorite "development partner" is winning the hearts and minds on the mean streets of Brooklyn, where Bruce Ratner is pushing his basketball-arena-and-so-much-more project. There are accounts of dividing, co-opting, and publishing of a "newspaper-style brochure" - you know, the "Brooklyn Standard." An attempt to show tough love to the guy who's helping the Times construct their new HQ? Hard to say. But here's a line from Ratner's EVP Bruce Bender that shows the paper's not afraid to quote a guy when he's down:

What Bruce's philosophy is is reaching out and getting in and reaching out to the community before the community gets into you, so to speak.
Considering the project's "seemingly inexorable movement" otherwise, we're going to assume they're finding other, better ways of talking up Atlantic Yards.
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