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Putting the 'G' in Gretsch

It took us a bit to slog through the Village Voice's Best of New York megillah, and when we finally got to the entry titled "Best Future Video Set," we got sucker punched with a shocker. Now, we all know that Busta Rhymes is trying to flip some properties in Williamsburg’s Gretsch building, but whodathunk this?

Grab a pair of binoculars and check out the follies of 50 Cent atop the historic GRETSCH BUILDING. Mr. Cent reportedly bought the penthouse and is now erecting his own mini Shangri-La above the hulking industrial building. From nearby roofs, one can identify a glass-enclosed poolhouse, a guesthouse, various other bungalows, and the main building, an impressive three-story mini-mansion with several verandas and decks of its own. It's easy to imagine the entire compound populated by shorties in a typical hip-hop video, bathing and frolicking while 50 and his crew light up a blunt or two and sing about gangsta street life—as the local Hasidic community goes about its business down below.Craziness. 50 enjoys the cozy confines of Mike Tyson’s old mansion in Connecticut as his primary residence, so is this a Williamsburg pied-á-terre? Emails a building resident: "I heard from a Corcoran broker who sold the building as well as lives here that it is not true. I had my suspicions when they described his penthouse as 3-tiered, when in reality there are 3 separate units."
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