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Affordable Housing: The Kids Crusade

Say what you will about indoctrinating children at a young age - a city kid's gotta learn how to wear shirts with quirky slogans on the front sometime. Enter Baby Politico and their onesie for (very) young affordable-housing advocates. No, it's not very ironic or profane or even edgy like those hidden-message angry snowman T-shirts the NYTimes wrote about not once, but twice(!) this week, but a baby should start out with some innocent ideals intact, right? And what baby-kissing politician could resist getting caught with this message in the frame?
· Housing Onesie [BabyPolitico]

UPDATE: On the topic, there comes word that a certain politician with high poll numbers (Mayor Bloomberg) is leading the charge with a bunch of foundations to create a multimillion-dollar affordable-housing fund. And babies everywhere cheer with glee from their changing tables.
· Foundations Join City's Effort on Affordable Housing Loans [NYT]