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UES 7-Eleven: 'This Monstrosity, This Carbuncle'

A chill wind blows these days, and Slurpees aren't at the top of most people's minds, but some concerned residents on the 500 block of East 84th are still railing against the apparition of a 7-Eleven in their midst - at the northeast corner of York, specifically. Hence this stopsign-emblazoned protest poster, sent in by a snap-happy neighbor. Pick your fear: garbage, vermin, rowdiness ... "serious beer drinkers, taxis on breaks and other undesireables." And there's more:

A 7-11 will also architecturally destroy these beautiful brownstone blocks with its usual garish lights and neon signs, trash bins, cigarette butts and disturb this quiet peaceful neighborhood.Would 7-Eleven really shatter the calm in this corner of the Upper East Side? Drop us a cent or two at
· UES Trying to Brainfreeze York Ave. 7-11? [Curbed]