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Curbed LA: Doing the Rooftop Swim

Let us now turn to the City of Angels, where the newest must-have Downtown accessory is the rooftop pool. Santee Court's got one. So do The Medici [warning: worst. website. ever.] and the Pacific Electric Lofts. [Even the old-school Hilton Checkers, pictured above, has one.]. And more are on the drawing boards. Reports the LA Times,

As existing buildings are renovated into residential units and new facilities are built downtown, rooftops long reserved for the unmentionables of city life — air-conditioning units and elevator controls— are being transformed into urban oases, courtesy of designers' imaginations and Southern California's sunny climate. Pools are the sun-drenched stars of those oases.Uh, hold on one second there. We've seen this play out before and we've got some bad news: just because you've got a pool does not mean your roof has seen the end of the "unmentionables of city life."
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