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East Village Trader Joe's: Really Real?

Weekly Trader Joe's update, you say? Obliged! Walking by NYU's Palladium this morning, we were struck by a dizzying sight: progress. Yes, they've finally cleared the entire vacant retail space of all debris, which is now sitting in dumpsters inside the building. The work permits are posted on the doors and some laborers were in the process of taping newspaper over the windows, so no more sneaky peekies. Our efforts to photograph the scene were?oddly?thwarted. But even if we can't show you, we're telling you: the time for tropical shirts and affordable unbranded snacks is nigh. Nigh, we say!

It's worth noting, however, that the store is not amongst those listed as "coming soon" on the Trader Joe's website. Keeping the cards close to the vest, eh Joe?
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