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Chinatown Condos: Just Add More Pedestrians

Trying not to get run over by bargain-hunting Chinese-food lovers this weekend, we happened upon this tasty piece of development in the heart of the madness that was Taste of Chinatown. It's Hester Gardens, an eight-story, 61-unit doorman condo with (hidden?) "landscaped courtyard" slated for opening in March. What neighborhood is that? Mott and Hester seem like Chinatown, but some maps call it Little Italy and some sites Soho. A Craigslist ad splits the difference: "HESTER GARDENS is situated at the center of downtown’s most dynamic neighborhoods."

If checking out the neighborhood's eats is more your speed, blogger A Brooklyn Life has a plate-by-plate recap of the dollar bonanza. And don't miss the condo's-all-finished rendering - with considerably fewer people milling around than Saturday - after the jump.

UPDATE: The broker, Shing Wah Yeung, writes in to locate the courtyard for us: "It's on the 2nd floor, rear setback of the building."
· Hester Gardens: 158 Hester Street [Craigslist]
· Taste of Chinatown [A Brooklyn Life]