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It Happened One Weekend: Norfolk Street's Extreme Makeover

1) Whoa, we were right! Help us celebrate this monumental occasion by reading all about Apple's new plan to ditch the Flatiron District and open a store in the GM building on Fifth Avenue. [NYPost]
2) Some details on Grzywinski Pons Architects' new residental building on Norfolk Street, a brief jaunt from their Hotel on Rivington. Expect 24 units, a lot more glass, a rooftop pool and pissed off locals, 'natch. Is Norfolk Street the new Miami Beach? Seems to be a development on every lot. [NYPost]
3) This one's a goodie. The Times' On the Market column looks back on 15 months of notable listings, and tells us what sold and what didn't. Sorry, Britney. [NYTimes]
4) Couple takes move-in date on their Park Slope apartment literally, winds up in sublet purgatory. [NYTimes]
5) We really enjoyed this week's edition of The Hunt, in which an interior designer finds out you can go home again (to Chelsea). But the best part is his negative take on doormen, which we tend to agree with: "That is the worst - when they say 'Have a nice day,' and I'm coming back in 20 minutes." [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) South Slope garbage hater (right) tells it like it is: "I did not want to become president of my Brooklyn co-op." But she did, and it sucks. [NYPost]