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First Gap Store to Hit Park Slope

From Park Slope, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn posts word that a Gap Kids will be moving into the former Salvation Army store at 13th St. and Fifth Ave., with possible plans for expansion next door. Out with old thrift and in with new thrift or yet another chance for locals to avoid a trip into Manhattan to get their national-brand fix? You decide. OTBKB just prays for it to be "a good Gap and not one of those second rate Gaps like the one they had on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights for years," adding this rosy prognostication:

It may well be one of the more sucessful Gaps in the New York City area. And why not? There's a lot of money here and a lot of babies, kids and teens who need blue jeans, cool t's, and other up-to-the-minute garb.
For more on what's in that corner of town - or being targeted by other big chains - toggle through Small Town Brooklyn's neighborhood map.
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