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Curbed LA: The Little Light Rail That Could

Behold, the latest and greatest in the MTA's light rail transit network, the Expo Line, which connects Downtown to the ocean...Culver City! Color the The Skunks of Los Feliz unimpressed.

Who is this line for? Culver City residents who work Downtown? Downtown residents who work in Culver City? It doesn't go to Beverly Hills, it doesn't go to the Miracle Mile, it doesn't go to any major commerce/employment node aside from Downtown (and that's not a crack on Culver City - I'm just sayin'). It won't reduce traffic on the 10. If it runs at grade, it won't even be an appreciably faster way to get from Culver City to Downtown than if you drove (see: Metro Gold Line). And we thought this was the last train to nowheresville.
· Metro's proposed Exposition Light Rail Line is ready for its close-up... [the skunks of los feliz]