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Carroll Gardens, Land of the Dirty Rats

It is absolutely not a laughing matter that rats have taken over leafy Carroll Park on Smith St. (the children! the children!) But this when-rodents-attacks story, told to the Daily News by a neighborhood nanny, is a keeper:

"I don't know where it came from, but he was sitting there having Chinese and a rat jumped right on his pants," she said, as other nannies shrieked in horror. "He jumped up and it was on his pants hanging on," she added. "He had to jump up and down to shake it off."Tomorrow, more hilarity ensues when the Johnny Rat heads across the street to Brooklyn Social for a beer. UPDATE: The Real Janelle emails evidence that the neighborhood watch tried to give fair warning.

(Roughly translated: If you must feed the rats, Caputo's bread only.) Shocking that the playground regulars didn't heed the call. Don't they teach Italian at St. Ann's anymore?
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