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The Hole Situation Update: Status Quo at 181st

It's now been five months since the restraining wall collapse at 181st Street dumped a big pile of dirt on to Henry Hudson Parkway. When last we checked in with the heaping pile back in August, rebuilding hadn't moved along much. Today, Newsday returns to the scene of the slide and finds—brace yourself—that repairs haven't moved along much. Notes the paper,

A quintet of cars remain entombed under tons of rocks and dirt. A stretch of city street and an on-ramp to the northbound Henry Hudson are still closed, and much of a co-op's backyard is still locked behind a battered chain-link fence. In other words, not much has changed.Mmmhmm. The culprits include the usual stew of insurance companies, the city, and the co-op; repair work isn't likely to begin until next spring and may take several years. Good times.
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