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Atlantic Yards 'Pro Forma' Throw-Down Tonight

Want to do something fun, conflict-prone and city-planning-related tonight? Look no further than the first of two environmental impact hearings on developer Forest City Ratner's Atlantic Yards plan in Brooklyn. OnNYTurf assures all comers: "This should make the RGB [Rent Guidelines Board] hearings look like a teddybear picnic!"

Before you head over to the NYC College of Technology's Klitgord Auditorium, brush up on the web of gossip. Blogger TimesRatnerReport has it that a NYTimes stringer's byline was used willy-nilly to class up "The Brooklyn Standard." And NoLandGrab spots the Ratner ad-rag itself (right) tucked under area windshield wipers:

As if Brooklynites needed a reminder that Atlantic Yards will insure a lifetime of traffic hell in Central Brooklyn, Park Slope residents and night-shift workers at the local hospital were treated to complimentary copies.We know it's hard, but try to contain your excitement - then let loose at after the dust settles. UPDATE: And how could we forget the NYDailyNews tidbit that's a surprise to few who've been following this thing: That nonprofit BUILD - you know, Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development - fessed up to being "bankrolled" by Ratner and co.
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