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Downtown 'News' Alert: Free Tickets Gone in Mere Hours

With apologies for our premature speculation, we offer visuals from the free-concert insanity at 25 Broad yesterday, brought to you by Wall Street Rising's Music Downtown series. All the tickets had been handed out by 4 p.m., according to a frazzled desk attendant still recovering from "thousands" of rabid music fans. Never underestimate the amount of New Yorkers with nothing better to do than stand around in line to get something free, no matter the neighborhood. Writes one frustrated reader:

The line was 7 blocks long. Tickets were given out at 11am. Arriving 10:50am, I was 600th in line. By noon, after being cut by about 50 bad karma seekers, we had moved about 3 blocks. I never made it to Broad St. Alas.Among the artists you'll be missing: Ryan Adams, Buddy Guy and Aimee Mann. After the jump, the sad sold-out sign posted for all those not hardcore enough to arrive when the rest of Wall Street does.

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