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Atlantic Yards Brouhaha at City Tech

Sounds like the Brooklyn hearing on the 22-acre Bruce Ratner-developed, Frank Gehry-designed project was everything you'd imagine: raucous crowds for and against, hours of comments, heckling, calls for calm, the ignoring of those calls. A quick recap:

1) Blogger Lumi Rolley says sunlight reflected off starchitect Gehry's titanium panels has been known to create a heat ray of 136 degrees, blinding drivers and nearly singeing pedestrians. No joke! [Via NYTimes]
2) Worried about hordes of children to be conceived in those new residential units and the effect on schools, a speaker quips: "The project won't be populated by eunuchs." [Via set speed aka]
3) Comparing the event to a basketball game (in honor of the proposed arena), the NYDailyNews writes:

When City Councilwoman Letitia James denounced the plans - saying they're backed by "people who don't believe trees should grow in Brooklyn" - a heckler screamed out, "Let's Go Nets!"Even usually beloved Borough President Marty Markowitz (right, photo from NoLandGrab) endured catcalls for his support. Oy vey!
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