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Curbed PriceChopper: 114 Liberty St., 11th Floor

Original asking: $11 million
Now asking: $8.2 million
You save: $2,800,000!

We've mentioned Def Jam founder Russell Simmons' hardships in selling his financial district penthouse on Liberty Street a couple of times (say, here and here), but we've never actually taken a good look at the place itself. So now we point you to the listing, on Elliman, of the duplex condo just off the WTC site. Some of these pictures date back to '99 and leave something to be desired by way of real estate porn, but we're sure the extensive post-9/11 renovations have left the four-bedroom home looking fabulous. With 7,000 interior square feet and three terraces adding up to another 4,000sqft, there's plenty of room for your platinum records, should you have any. Plus, 40 windows, four exposures, 12' ceilings, two eat-in kitchens, laundry room and jacuzzi tubs. We liked it at $11 mil, we love it at $8.2!

The floorplan looked crummy when we tried to shrink it down and post it?the sign of a truly complicated schematic. Do check it out for yourself.
· Listing: 114 Liberty Street [Elliman]

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