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Rental Du Jour: Recreating that Hamptons Share on the UWS

What to make of this sumptuously furnished 7-bed, 8.5-bath single-family townhouse rental on the Upper West Side. One suggestion - from an eager PR guy over at listing broker Fenwick-Keats - evoked in us visions of your typical people-sleeping-everywhere, never-ending-party Hamptons share, only with nicer furnishings:

If someone doesn't rent it soon, I'm thinking of gathering about 20 friends to split it with. :POf course, you'll probably want to have a beer pong tourney every week to see who gets dibs on the ornate four-poster bed (seen above). It's you and your crew's for $30,000/month furnished, $27K without all the breakables.
· Listing: 313 West 71st Street [Fenwick-Keats]