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Beer, Neon and Happy Slurpee Fans in Yorkville

Is that new 7-Eleven sullying the sleepy little corner of 84th and York? Not so much, claim Curbed faithful. A former denizen of No. 500 1/2 - really! - E. 84th writes:

"This is not exactly a corner unsullied by 'serious beer drinkers,' unless you ignore the unnamed pub on the east side of 84th Street, which seems to open and close at random and appears to play host to postgame parties for every corporate softball team in the five boroughs."
Another neighbor concurs that the convenience store isn't quite ruining the area: "Its neon strip is not all that bright and the only off-duty taxis I see hang around a diner on the northeast corner of 86th & York." That's a whole two blocks, people, and might as well be a world away depending on how you slice it.
·UES 7-Eleven: 'This Monstrosity, This Carbuncle' [Curbed]

UPDATE: The Post is on the story today, too. Gem resident quote: "I've never had a Slurpee, but I can see those Slurpee containers in the street. I'm concerned about the transients... [in] the neighborhood."
· East Side Gulps at 7-11 [NYPost via Da Gawk]