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453 Second Ave. Update: Kohler Them Unimpressed

Tuesday's post about the gut-renovated townhouse for sale at 453 Second Ave. (in the East 20's) for $3.85 million drew a passel of reader mail. The verdict: overpriced. Sez three different Curbed readers:

1) "Went to an open house in the spring when it was finished, the fit and finish of the place is only ok, and for $4 million I would want more than Kohler fixtures in the bathrooms. The master bedroom also has a very odd open bathroom set up. It has the smallest semblance of a patch of grass in back, but it does have a nice metal deck off one of the back bedrooms with an interesting peek at the Empire State building."
2) "This building is TINY 18’ x 40’ on a 60’ lot! That yields 2,880 gross square feet, which equates to $1,336/psf for a building on an unattractive block! Maybe if it were on sub-prime west village block it could fetch over $1,300/psf… give me a break."
3) "I was just wondering how a multiple dwelling gets converted to a 1 family dwelling (with off street parking!) under an Alt-II, D-14 application. HMMMMMM!"
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