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Open House Cold Front Update: Slow Goes It

More from the open house front, as Daily News real estate reporter Lore Croghan plunges into the fray herself. Tidbits from a recent Sunday afternoon on the town:

1) On the Upper East Side: "He told me that after the seller cut the price to $580,000 from $625,000, a buyer signed a contract - but then changed jobs and didn't close the deal."
2) In the East Village: "Another broker showed me every detail of a $675,000 flat in a Third Avenue high-rise on the edge of the East Village. He had plenty of time - no one else showed up while I was there."
3) "A balanced market feels like a slow market." Amen.

All of which reminds us of a question recently posed by a house-hunting friend of ours: has anyone who looked to buy in an outer borough refocused on Manhattan as of late? If so, we'd love to hear about your reasoning and experiences. Emails to, anonymous as you wanna be.
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