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Astor Wines: Same Neighborhood, More Astor-Like Digs

Let the future tenants of Sculpture for Living know: The wine store across the street will be leaving their sightlines in February, but it won't be out of the neighborhood. The venerable Astor Wines & Spirits - with that wedge-shaped entrance at 12 Astor Place - is moving down the block to snuggle up with Serafina in 40-50% bigger digs at the landmark DeVinne Press Building, 393-399 Lafayette St. (E. 4th St). That's according to a helpful aproned wine consultant. The Times said No. 4 Lafayette, but that could be a typo since they got the 4th St. part at least.
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UPDATE: Add this late-breaking tip to the mix: "FYI: The family that owns Astor Wines & Spirits also owns the building Serafina is in - they've always been Serafina's landlord."