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Historic Ex-Theater in Greenwich Village Sells

Web-tethered realty/theater fans might've missed the NYTimes' print-only mention (so far) that 181 Sullivan St. - where that musical The Fantasticks played for years and years ... and years - has been sold for $4.25 million. The former playhouse is actually a five-story Civil War-era townhome - players held court on the ground and second floors. And yet another factoid with which to scare your friends and impress your enemies: Forty-one years ago this week, The Fantasticks became the only Off-Broadway production ever to "compete directly with a televised broadcast of itself," says Playbill.

The buyer is one Jeffrey Gershon, and all those storied boards will likely be condo-rific before you know it, according to the Times.
Listing: 181 Sullivan St. [Massey Knakal, PDF]
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[Photo via Help Save the Sullivan Street Playhouse. Uh, yeah.]