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Curbed Readers Write: Goodbyes and Hellos!

1) Looks like Monday may bring more tales of a dancin' diva: "I just tried phoning a Corcoran agent I'm doing a deal with, and her voicemail says that she is tied up most of the day with the GIANT going-away party for their founder, Barbara Corcoran, blah blah fishcakes."
2) Some late entries regarding this week's rumbling about the old Wholesome Market space in the north Central Village: a) "This spring, I was told by a Polo/Ralph Lauren employee that they would be opening two retail stores on University. Now that Rugby is open that leaves one major space at Wholesome Market and the other at the corner of 14th and University. I'd guess that they'd try to keep the stores close together making the Wholesome Market space a better location." b) "I work in the building at University/11th, and from what I understand, a Vietnamese restaurant is going into the old 'Loathsome' Market space. I think it is supposed to be a 'high-end' joint, and that they have another resto. on the UWS, but since I never venture above 14th street, I wouldn’t know its name."
3) "Regarding the Chase opening at One Hudson Sq.--thats not the only place Chase is moving to...they are also coming to Gwathmey's Astor Place. And Chase just installed a gagillion ATMs at Duane Reades across the city. Is this going to turn into the Snapple as official drink of NYC deal? Is Chase is the new bank of luxe buildings?" Can't stop progress!

After the jump, some thoughts on 55 Berry (rendered above, stripped bare yesterday for your enjoyment).

4) Ah, you made it! 55 Berry comments, as promised: "No one's talked about how these apartments aren't really selling well.

"Elliman's website only shows 22 of the 35 apartments in the building, but only 9 of these are in contract and I think they have been on the market since at least April. Keep in mind- this is one of the only developments on the market in Northside.

"I went to their first open house and the lofts are really nice- but they are still ALL one-bedrooms. So it seems the hipsters aren't ready to drop $800,000 for two rooms. I guess they'd rather be in their plastic waterfront community with their riverfront esplanade and their shuttle to the JMZ also known as Schaefer Landing."