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In the Year 2000: Text Messages Follow You Across NYC

Further proof the Internet will destroy us all: Socialight is a new cell phone service that lets your friends leave text messages pegged to specific physical locations around the city. When you step into a "sticky shadow" (um, yeah), your phone flashes their message, thereby changing the destiny of the rest of your life. For those who've always wished Friendster-for-your-phone service Dodgeball was somehow even more bizarre, Socialight looks like it's worth a go, at least before spammers and certain bloggers figure it out. If anyone tries it out this weekend, do let us know your thoughts.
· Socialight []
· About Socialight, Location Aware Application [TechCrunch]

UPDATE: A Curbed reader notes the following disclaimed on Socialight's website: "Note: Socialight is available on the web and WAP to anyone, but Socialight Mobile only runs on Nextel i860 phones at the moment. We'll let you know as soon as it's available for other handsets." Screwed yet again by those non-GPS-enabled handsets.