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Realtors Gone Wild: REBNY Edition

Is there any point to running this random Barbara Corcoran-shaking-her-tailfeather e-mail, which also throws in some old debauched broker antics for good measure? Probably not. But this is a web log ... and it's Friday, mofos! Yeehaw!

Just received a profuse thanking from my beau as his answering my phone call narrowly saved him from having to do The Butt with Barbara Corcoran on the dance floor at the REBNY Residential Deal of the Year Awards and Charity Gala. Seems Babs was dancing up a peroxided storm after there was an acknowledgement of her contribution to the field. There was a standing ovation, but with some notable holdouts, and we salute those brave soldiers. And it should be noted that at the last REBNY function (it was too dark for me to take the pictures I'd hoped to - which is a shame 'cause there was some FILTHY drunken broker dancing happening toward the end), several agents from Citi Habitats were jamming gobs of their own business cards into the free raffle drum at prize time. Tacky.

Woooooooooooo! Friday!
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