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Shop Til You Drop at Santiago's Mall

The just-released plans for the mall "shopping component" of architect Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center Transit Center should be coming to you this morning in glorious full-column size. But the best we can muster is this piddly image we jacked from the Post. That's a shame: if you get a chance to see the full-size image (splashed across pages 4-5 of the Post proper), you'll really get a sense of the desecration the stores inflict on Calatrava's much-praised soaring design. Notably prominent logos in the rendering: DKNY, Charles David, Starbucks. Of course, there's also this: reports the Sun, "There's a catch - none of the retailers included in the images has committed to renting space at the site, where shopping is scheduled to begin in 2010."
· WTC's Shop Stop [NYPost]
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