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Chelsea: It's Fun to Stay at The Apt.'s Show Pad

The old McBurney YMCA on 23rd Street used to be a place to get a cheap, simple room for the night - well, among other things. But those creative design/brand/market types down at The Apartment changed all that, when they renovated the former basketball court and running track on the top floors into the swankiest pad since the last episode of MTV's "The Real World." Wood fireplace, in-wall big-screen and speakers, green and hot pink accents. Stefan B. and the Mrs. were going to keep all 7,000-plus sq. ft. for themselves, but - he writes:

We are now done and have decided to use it for events, launches, meetings, etc. ... We've just put it on the market and it is ... quite a project. But who's listing and how much? Don't leave us hanging on your shag carpet!
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