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UWS High-Rise: 'War Zone' Today, 20 Floors Tomorrow

A concerned neighbor wrote in earlier this week about the new rental-apartment high-rise at West 93rd and Broadway:

The construction site looks like a war zone ... Clearly being build in a half-a$$ed manner on the cheap. Who's responsible for this mess, aside from L&M 93rd St. LLC.We're no great judge of workmanship, but feel free to examine Exhibit A above. The project hasn't got much press since it was the NYDailyNews' poster child for an Upper West Side apartment boom last winter. The developer is retail-heavy Friedland Properties taking a voyage now into residential territory, and based on this future listing for "The Melar" on the firm's site, there are plans for a street-level "big box" store, ready by late fall '06. And digging over at the city's Dept. of Buildings page, this permit says it's going to be a 20-story, 143-unit job up top. Toss any snazzy final renderings - or explanations of the construction chaos - our way at
· Fertile ground on W. Side [NYDN]
· Retail Rental Listing: 2495 Broadway [FriedlandProperties]
· Property Profile: 2495 Broadway (aka 250 W. 93rd St.) [NYC DOB]

UPDATE: This just in via the red phone: "I'll bet that NIMBY ... thought they were pretty darn clever when they lambasted the construction site of a building they don't like as a 'war zone.' naturally, said NIMBY is not so clever after all..." The education continues via Col. William H. Starrett in 1928: "Building skyscrapers is the nearest peacetime equivalent of war."