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Trends in Real Estate Advertising: Sex Sells, Pt. 4

While we wait for one of you with a scanner to send us the gay-themed version of those Herald Towers ads a few of you have written us about, let's stay straight and truck it to the Bronx. Blogger This Is What We Do Now finds an ad from Friday's Metro that pimps sale units at Co-Op City. His point-by-point analysis:

1) This poor girl must have been absolutely desperate for a modeling gig.
2) Williamsburg ain't happening again.
3) Even if this model did in fact live up in the sticks, all the beautiful women and iPods in the world still aren't going to convince Manhattanites to deluge the rental office with applications.

4) Not even Co-Op City's mother thinks Co-Op City is "the place to be."Indeed. An NYT article from 2003 archived on Wired New York adds some color: "Residents and visitors at Co-op City walk past fences that keep them away from areas with falling debris. Balconies in the complex are falling apart." Any current residents care to comment on the current condition? We're oddly intrigued.
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