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On the Market: Haircut with Your Studio?

Not a PriceChopper, but a fascinating example that even those considering dropping less than $400,000 on a Manhattan apartment are living in a different world this fall. Consider this "BEGINNER'S LUX" (N.B. points for excellence in euphemism use) 450 square foot studio apartment on East 9th and University. The place looks pretty nice, but check the listing's fine print:

The buyer of this apartment will be given a complimentary haircut/blowout/highlights at the Meatpacking's first beauty night salon, RED MARKET SALON & LOUNGE with hand painted robes, wi-fi, rotating DJ's and rooftop deck experience.At 30% down of the $399,000 asking, that's a $119,700 haircut. We suggest taking at least two inches off.
· Listing: 60 East 9th Street [Douglas Elliman]